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A Word From Geoff – February 2019

Dear Friends When we say ‘I believe in God’ do we really grasp what we are saying. What God do you believe in? One Christian professor I read about had a student who said to him one day ‘I don’t believe in God’. The professor responded by saying ‘Tell me which God you don’t believe […]

A Word From Geoff – January 2019

Dear Friends Another year, another resolution? Let me give you a thought and an aspiration for you to consider in 2019. Could you? Could we here at St. Barnabas commit to becoming ‘Popular in Heaven and famous in Hell’? Let me explain. R.T. Kendall who I think is now in his early 80’s was the […]

All Age Family Service 2018

On December the 16th 2018, here at St Barnabas we decided to differ from our usual kids church nativity story and extend this to the whole congregation. We asked all members to come dressed as either, Stars, Angels, Sheppard’s, Donkey’s and anything else that is in the nativity story. With Lol, taking the role of […]

The Forge – Christmas Party

Monday the 10th December saw The Forge (St Barnabas’s Men’s Group), have their Christmas party. This included some lovely food, great games and most importantly of all, great fellowship. The Forge meets on the Second Monday of each month, for more information then please contact us. Here are some photos of the evening

Celebrating Christmas Concert

On Saturday the 8th December St Barnabas held a concert to celebrate Christmas. This was an evening of live music, storytelling and Films all focused on the sacred and secular side of Christmas. It was a great turn out with tickets at £5 with all proceeds going to children’s charities. With the newly formed St […]

A Word from Geoff – December 2018

Saviour of world born in Wigan That got your attention didn’t it? Why does it seem so unlikely that the Saviour of the world could come from Wigan? Be careful because I am from Wigan. One of the problems that Jesus faced was that he was born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth. In those […]


The Forge (St Barnabas’s Mens Group) held their monthly gathering but this time instead of sitting down to a nice cooked meal they were treated to a great team building exercise in making their own meals. #MakingManCurry was an evening where all who attended were split into different teams and were given the tools and […]

A Word From Geoff – November 2018

Dear Friends I am writing this the morning after a very successful ‘Light Party’, where over 100 children and adults, many of them not members of St. Barnabas, joined us for an alternative to Halloween. The two large banners read ‘Jesus is the Light of the world’, and it was wonderful to be able to […]

Light Party 2018

31st of October 2018 saw St Barnabas hold our Annual Light Party where we look to celebrate Jesus and show him to be the light of the world on a day that many look towards the dark. We had an excellent turn out of over 100 children and adults, many whom were not members of […]

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