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A Word From Geoff – November 2018

Dear Friends I am writing this the morning after a very successful ‘Light Party’, where over 100 children and adults, many of them not members of St. Barnabas, joined us for an alternative to Halloween. The two large banners read ‘Jesus is the Light of the world’, and it was wonderful to be able to […]

A Word from Geoff – October 2018

Dear Friends Did you read about the Actor Mark Walberg’s daily routine, here’s a chunk of it. 2.30 am wake up, 2,45 prayer time, 3.15 am breakfast, 3.40-5.15 workout, 5.30am post- workout meal, 6.00 am shower. 7.30 golf, 8 am snack, 9.30am cyro chamber recovery, 10.30 am snack. Does that workout sound familiar? No of […]

A Word From Geoff – August 2018

Dear Friends Welcome back everyone! Summer holidays are always a strange time in the life of the church as people are coming and going, hither and thither. (I always wanted to use those two words in a letter, and now I have managed it!) It has been great to have been able to offer activities […]

A Word From Geoff – July 2018

Dear Friends When Teresa and I were working and holidaying in Switzerland in June I posted a comment on St.Bs Facebook page to say that our first service in Wengen was attended by only 9 people and I hope there was more at St.Bs. When we got back home I was shocked to discover that […]

A Word From Geoff – June 2018

Dear Friends As we have looked in detail at the Nicene Creed I have been made more and more aware of the warnings in the letter of James concerning how and what church leaders teach James 3 v 1. ‘Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we […]

A Word From Geoff May 2018

Dear Friends During the last month or so I have been thinking, pondering and studying the theology and practice of Christian baptism. In this post Christian culture that we live in the UK it seems to have become less of a divisive issue and more of an irrelevance for those outside the church. As an […]

A Word From Geoff April 2018

Dear Friends In a recent interview promoting his new documentary series Questions of Faith David Suchet known to us all as Poirot admitted having doubts about organised religion. He also said the process of making the series had changed his faith and he’s moved “away from doctrine and dogma”, which he finds “polemical”. Although I have a great […]

A Word From Geoff – February 2018

Dear Friends   A new Google device has been hitting the headlines because it doesn’t know who Jesus is! You can ask the Google box all kinds of questions and it will answer you but if you ask the new Google Home question box “who is Jesus?”  it claims not to know. It does, however […]

A Word From Geoff – January 2018

Dear Friends Those of you who were in church on New Years Eve may recall that at the beginning of the service I reported that I had found the doll representing the baby Jesus on a table all alone in the church rooms. There were no other characters from the Christmas Nativity and no other […]

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