A Word From Geoff – End of December 2017

Dear Friends

Its 2018 and the faint echo of Once in Royal David’s City is slowly fading from memory only to emerge 12 months later as it is resurrected for another Christmas carol service. On this occasion though we are not going to let all of its sentiments dissipate. At the beginning of another New Year we are going to look a little more closely at the Royal David of the city of Jerusalem.

David is Israel’s most famous King, mainly for good reasons, but not all. Twice God says that in King David he had found ‘a man after my own heart (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22) David it seems was one of God’s favourites despite having sinned so deeply. What is encouraging though is that the Lord continued to use David even after his time of backsliding.

David was a man of passion and deep feelings; he was a creative man, a poet and musician as well as being Israel’s greatest King and one of the greatest ever military leaders. David wrote that ‘the Lord confides in those who fear him’ Psalm 25:14. It is a great honour to have someone confide in you…but to think that God himself would confide in a human being is amazing! Like Moses David was someone with whom God chose to share his heart.

Is that something that you aspire to be, a person after God’s own heart, a person who God confides in? Then hopefully and prayerfully this sermon series will help you to discover what such a relationship is like.

Grace and peace

Geoff Vicar