A Word From Geoff – February 2018

Dear Friends


A new Google device has been hitting the headlines because it doesn’t know who Jesus is! You can ask the Google box all kinds of questions and it will answer you but if you ask the new Google Home question box “who is Jesus?”  it claims not to know. It does, however though have knowledge of figures from other religions, including Mohammed and the Buddha, and is apparently causing ‘outrage’ among some Christians.

But before we feel too angry at Google we should remember the words of Jesus ; He said “if you are one of my disciples then Go into all the world and tell others about me. Tell them what I taught you, and show them how to love me”

So the bottom line is that we must ask ourselves, before we try to cast the glitch out of the Google Home, whether we ourselves are free of viruses or important data. Have we done what we can to bring the gospel to our neighbours? Do we give a good answer when asked who Jesus is? Do we say “Sorry I’m not sure how to help” when asked a question like that.

Jesus was a radical preacher and teacher who made an amazing impact in the culture in which he lived, but I am not sure how many Christians have really grasped how radical he was.

During Lent we are again going to have six central meetings to consider these things in more detail. Karl Faase travelled the world to speak to church leaders and theologians and put together a dvd called ‘Jesus the game changer’. We are going to view some of these videos and discuss in small groups why Jesus was a game changer.

Please put the dates in your diary and let’s get our facts and our theology right about the person of Jesus Christ.

After all it’s not Google’s job to tell the world about Jesus. It’s His followers.


Grace and peace

Rev Geoff Boland