A Word From Geoff April 2018

Dear Friends

In a recent interview promoting his new documentary series Questions of Faith David Suchet known to us all as Poirot admitted having doubts about organised religion. He also said the process of making the series had changed his faith and he’s moved “away from doctrine and dogma”, which he finds “polemical”.

Although I have a great deal of sympathy with some of his statements, overall they were somewhat disappointing and confused.   

I’m worried Suchet has fallen into the oldest trap known to man – the devil’s favourite trick question, “did God really say?’  There is nothing that the Father of Lies likes more than to get us to question the word of God. He knows that the Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ as the chief cornerstone. He knows that if he wants to destroy the church then he must remove the foundation and the words of Christ.

And in a post-truth, postmodern, alternative fact society, it’s all too easy for us to fall for the lie that doctrine doesn’t really matter, that it is divisive and that we should just focus on the love of God. 

“It’s all about Jesus, not doctrine” sounds so good. Lots of ‘likes’ are acquired whenever anyone plays that card. The only problem is that setting up doctrine and Jesus as opposites is a false dichotomy and ultimately ends up with the paradox of those who are against doctrine also being against Christ.  Post Easter here at St.Bs we are going to be looking at what has been the foundation stone of the Christian churches doctrine of belief since the Fourth Century ‘The Apostles Creed’. It is going to hopefully firm and confirm some of the vital tenants of our faith.

I love David Suchet’s voice and Poirot character but I would implore him to use his ‘Grey matter’ a little bit more! 

In his grip