Katie Hardiman: Teddy Bear

Following on from Katie’s update on her mission work, Katie also wanted to share with us all a song written whilst working with Ellel Ministries. Here is Katie in her own words:

“In my time on the NETS course at Ellel I wrote a song. I have never written a song but this was something in my heart I wanted to do. I prayed constantly for help with the words and was excited to be finished within 4 weeks. I would like to share it with you.

It’s about my testimony seen through the life of a Teddy Bear called Rose.

During the NETS course at Ellel we had a 3 day “Healing through creativity” class. It was during these 3 days that God really spoke to my heart. I had always struggled with rejection and even found it hard to cling to the acceptance of God into his family. I knew in my head intellectually that I was accepted but my heart struggled and really needed God’s touch of reassurance.

My head and heart seemed miles apart.

So, I decided to be still and listen to God this 3 days.  I didn’t feel I was any good at creativity but threw myself into it. I really had on my heart to make a Teddy Bear BRIDE called Rose and after I made her I went into the pottery class.  My eyes fell on a large vase with Roses all over.
God straight away spoke into my heart and said I am HIS Rose and I am his Bride. It really changed me.
I connected immediately to Rose the Bride teddy bear and as this experience meant so much to me I used both items in this song.

The pottery class was about God being the potter and me the clay. I prayed about what vase to pick and break (resembling sin) with a view to repairing it.
(In Japan they mend broken pots and put them back together with Gold – it is said to celebrate the history of the pot by showing off the breaks and cracks and gives it new life whilst making it look more beautiful)”

Here is Katies Song: