A Word From Geoff May 2018

Dear Friends

During the last month or so I have been thinking, pondering and studying the theology and
practice of Christian baptism. In this post Christian culture that we live in the UK it seems to
have become less of a divisive issue and more of an irrelevance for those outside the

As an increasing number of parents turn their backs on traditional marriage, and as science
makes it possible for two men or two women to produce a baby how should the church

Not many years ago the Church of England baptized children in such a way that it could be
compared to a factory conveyor belt with a font at the end. No questions asked, just get
the baby done!

As a response to that should we now begin to reclaim the power and significance of
Christian baptism? The practice of the early church in regard to baptism conveyed and
dramatized the momentous life changing decisions that those believers were making in
deciding to follow Jesus. Can’t we do the same?

I will be speaking a little on this subject in church at the end of May. But I would also like to
invite you all to join with others at Anthony and Diana Panes house on the afternoon of
Sunday 17th June where we will be having a special focus on Baptism, and where we will
also be baptizing in the river by immersion all those who wish to express their faith in Jesus
in this powerful way.

Grace and peace