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Vicar’s Views from the News

Dear Friends


I am sure that all of you have some special memories of Summer times from the past when you had a wonderful holiday, the sun shone, and everything felt right with the world. As a Northern kid my parents took my brothers and I for many holidays in Blackpool, the one I remember the most was 1967, sometimes called the Summer of Love by cultural historians. Looking back on it   I remember that Summer being dominated by the song ‘A Whiter shade of Pale’ by Procul Harem, which was the closest Blackpool ever got to the ‘summer of love’.  During our latest sermon series we have been looking back through scripture and remembering all the various themes and storylines that link the Old and new Testaments together. We have discovered that there are many, which makes reading through the bible even more exciting.          Throughout the Old Testament God’s people the Jews are called ‘to remember’, to remember God’s intervention in their history, his mighty deeds, his deliverance from slavery and oppression. The call to remember is there in the New Testament too, because as human beings one of our weaknesses is that we too easily forget. Having said that though there are many people who through no fault of their own are finding it virtually impossible to remember important things, not only about God, but also about their family and loved ones. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are hitting so many of our families, including our own church family here at St.Barnabas.  During our recent time away I was reading on the internet about the Alzheimer's Society Memory Walk. This is a relatively new initiative which once a year boosts the finances of the society. I looked around for a local walk in Poole or Bournemouth but could not see any. In a moment of rashness I decided to organise one myself here in Bearwood. It is going to happen on Saturday 2nd September, around 10.00 am, it will be a three mile walk over the heath and coming back to Bearwood down the Ringwood road.  More info to come but we are going to walk for Dick, Margaret and Jane. Put it in your diary!

Every blessing