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A Word From Geoff – March 2019

Dear FriendsA singer /songwriter that I really admire is Martyn Joseph, his songs are intelligent, cutting and powerful. One of them is called ‘Celebrity’ and here are a few lines from the song.I’m a celebrity, tousled and vivacious.I’m a celebrity, publicity voraciousI’m a celebrity, a mediocre iconI’m adorable, especially when the mic’s on. It’s a […]

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A Word From Geoff – February 2019

Dear Friends When we say ‘I believe in God’ do we really grasp what we are saying. What God do you believe in? One Christian professor I read about had a student who said to him one day ‘I don’t believe in God’. The professor responded by saying ‘Tell me which God you don’t believe […]

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A Word From Geoff – January 2019

Dear Friends Another year, another resolution? Let me give you a thought and an aspiration for you to consider in 2019. Could you? Could we here at St. Barnabas commit to becoming ‘Popular in Heaven and famous in Hell’? Let me explain. R.T. Kendall who I think is now in his early 80’s was the […]

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Upcoming Teaching Program

Our new teaching series looks at Exodus. Click the link for the full story

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All Age Family Service 2018

On December the 16th 2018, here at St Barnabas we decided to differ from our usual kids church nativity story and extend this to the whole congregation. We asked all members to come dressed as either, Stars, Angels, Sheppard’s, Donkey’s and anything else that is in the nativity story. With Lol, taking the role of […]

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