A Word From Geoff – July 2018

Dear Friends

When Teresa and I were working and holidaying in Switzerland in June I posted a comment
on St.Bs Facebook page to say that our first service in Wengen was attended by only 9
people and I hope there was more at St.Bs. When we got back home I was shocked to
discover that there weren’t too many more worshipping at St.Bs that morning, only 68!
That means that there were 62 members of St.Barnabas who were not at that service. I
was staggered by that revelation and although two of those people missing were Teresa
and myself, I don’t think that everyone was on holiday!

In response to my post someone commented that ‘It’s not the quantity that matters it’s the
quality, you can be in church with just 2 people in a field and God hears you’.
In one sense that’s true but the point that I want to make is that numbers do count to God.

Ever read the stories of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son?
Jesus made it very clear that God is interested in people and the number that respond to
the Gospel message.
J.John the evangelist once said ‘We count people because people count’.

Even if 130 people had been present at St.Bs to hear Derek Dayman share his heart and
soul in his sermon, there were still 1000s of people in Bearwood who did not feel any
desire to join with us as we worship the Living God.

Can I just remind us all again that no matter how many turn up, the coffee is still brewed,
the chairs are still put out, the preachers still spend hours studying scripture and praying
for insights, the worship leaders still seriously and prayerfully consider what songs to sing.
The Kids church, Lion cubs and Xcite leaders still prepare their lessons. And I know that all
those who do that would like the majority of St.Bs members and their children to be there.

So numbers do count for all kinds of reasons.

The old children’s TV message MIMO ( Miss it, miss out ) is true in regard to our services. If
you are not there then you will miss out.

In His Grip