A Word From Geoff – November 2018

5th November 2018 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Dear Friends

I am writing this the morning after a very successful ‘Light Party’, where over 100 children
and adults, many of them not members of St. Barnabas, joined us for an alternative to

The two large banners read ‘Jesus is the Light of the world’, and it was wonderful to be
able to give families a fun alternative to the growing, commercial and unhealthy emphasis
on Halloween.

As I thought about this today I realised more and more that this what we are called to do.
As ‘Reflectors’ of the light of Jesus we are meant to be offering an alternative not only on
Halloween but in a multitude of different areas of life.

I find it very interesting that in the various lists of alternative ways of living, which include
things like veganism, communes, getting close to nature etc. that Christianity is never
mentioned. This is actually a bit of a condemnation of the church because it shows that we
have not lived our lives in such a way that people outside could class it as radical or

John Wesley in the 18thc said “We ought to live every day as though we’ve come out of
another world into this world, but with the power of that world still upon us. We should
live and speak and move in that power, and have our whole being in Jesus Christ”.

Can you imagine living in that way? If we truly took on board who we are as Christ’s
representatives’ people could not help but see the difference.

Here is great translation from the Living bible of Hebrews 11:13

“These men of faith…. saw it all awaiting them on ahead and were glad, for they agreed
that this earth was not their real home but that they were just strangers visiting down

Amen to that.

In his grip