A Word From Geoff – January 2019

11th January 2019 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Dear Friends

Another year, another resolution?

Let me give you a thought and an aspiration for you to consider in 2019. Could you? Could we here at St. Barnabas commit to becoming ‘Popular in Heaven and famous in Hell’? Let me explain.

R.T. Kendall who I think is now in his early 80’s was the leader and preacher at Westminster Chapel London for 25 years, and he has written a book based on an incident in Acts of the Apostles chapter 19:13 – 16. The passage highlights an incident where some Jewish men who considered themselves would be exorcists tried to invoke the name of Jesus over those who were demon possessed. They would say “In the name of the Jesus, whom Paul
preaches, I command you to come out.” To their surprise the evil spirit answered them and said “Jesus I know and I know about Paul, but who are you? The man who had the evil spirit then jumped on them and gave them a terrible beating.

The content of the book is based totally on this incident, and the challenge he sets before us all is that we should aspire to not only be known by our heavenly father as a son / daughter who has repented and come home, we should also aspire to be known in Hell. Jesus was known in Hell, and so was Paul. But am I?

Our fear should be that that we are not known. Why? Because we have not been any kind of threat to Satan and his growing influence and Kingdom. When Christians pray, when Christians worship in Spirit and truth, when Christians open up their bibles and study, engage and put it into practice then the demons tremble.

What is 2019 going to bring? Who knows?

One thing that I do know is that I want to be known in Hell a lot more than I am at the moment. What about you? Lord let your Kingdom come, and your will be done.

Grace and peace