The Forge – Survival Night

15th July 2019 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Our men’s group (known as The Forge) meet on the second Monday each month and in July we held a survival night.

With our hosts (and survival specialists) Matt Plumbo and Mark Bimbo they set us all a challenge of Shelter, Fire and Water with the aim of building shelter, obtaining water from the near by river and build a fire using the tools provided. The Aim, make a cup of tea.

Building the shelter and getting the water seemed straight forward enough and all of our teams managed this however the fire side, well that was a different story. With darkness approaching and no fire in sight it was lucky that we came prepared with a BBQ and lots of amazing food and a little liquid refreshment. Once refuelled one team got on with the process of trying to crack that elusive third part of making the fire.

Finally with lots of effort there was a spark and suddenly a flash and fire was achieved.

Many thanks to all who helped arrange, setup, teach and cook for this event and we look forward to seeing you on the next event.

Check out the video of the evening