Teaching Program January – April 2020

10th January 2020 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Dear Friends

What do you remember of your time in your mother’s womb? What were your expectations? Did you ever imagine that you would be born into a world of colour, beauty, mountains and oceans? My guess is probably not.

Now you are fully awake and fully alive, some more fully than others, what are you thinking about the next part of your journey? When this failing body finally runs out of life, where to next? Bookstores overflow with accounts of near death and after death experiences, complete with angels giving guided tours of Heaven. A few of these books may have some credible components, but many are totally unbiblical and misleading.

I believe though that some of the blame for this lies at the feet of our theological colleges, our church leaders, our quest for the spectacular, and also our individual selves. The Apostle Paul says to the Thessalonians Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.” 1 Thess 4 v 13. The bottom line is that many of us are uninformed, and we need to get informed.

The cartoon caricature’s of heaven don’t do anyone any favours and just add to the ignorance and confusion. So at the beginning of another new Year, another decade we are going to spend some time searching for a biblical understanding of heaven that is as accurate as it can be this side of eternity, is as wonderful as it can be, and is as motivating as it can be. I believe that an accurate, dynamic, glorious, biblical understanding of heaven is something that should thrill our heart, and motivate us to pray for and to  share this good news with as many people as possible.

In the lead up to Easter we will be looking at the life of an amazing man Abraham a ‘Friend of God’. This is a man who looked up, and looked beyond his circumstances to a sky that was full of millions of stars, and millions of promises.

Can’t wait. How about you.

In his grip