What will our lives be like?
19th January 2020

What will our lives be like?

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Geoff continues our series on Glimpses of Heaven with the topic of “What will our lives be like?”


Before Geoff preached we had a reading by Diana Panes from the Tales of Narnia. The passage was from The Last battle which is the final book in the series. The reason for the reading was that it tells the story of finally moving from the Old Narnia to a another wonderful Narnia (which has always been there) which is familiar to the characters, but the mountains and hills and rivers and colour is somehow more amazing and spectacular. As we preach on heaven and try to imagine what it will be like this reading has got some wonderful encouragements.


What will our lives be like in Eternity? Geoff unpacks passages from 1 Corinthians 15 about resurrection bodies.

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