We are in the season of weddings in our churches, although there are many different places that you can use today to tie the knot, we see still a number of couples making their vows in our churches.

It’s a huge step, as it always has been to commit yourself to another person for a lifetime, and that step requires a lot of vulnerability. I distinctly remember as a 13 year old schoolboy going to the school dance, where the tribes of male and female were separated by this massive chasm. Some of the brave males would venture to the other side to ask a girl whether she would dance with him. Imagine the courage and the humility in those simple actions.

It was courageous of course because by asking the girls the boys risked rejection, which was what many of them experienced. One writer said ‘Love is handing your heart to someone, and taking the risk that they will hand it back because they don’t want it’. Love takes risks! It always has done, and always will.

As I reflected on that I realised that this is exactly what God has been doing for millennia. The God who made this incredible universe has made himself vulnerable by offering to love us, if we would love him. For thousands of years Christians have found the cross of Jesus to be so central to life. It speaks to us of God making the first move, of him making himself vulnerable, and then waiting for our response. As we look around the world, and even look at ourselves sometimes, we can see that God’s love has not been welcomed or received.

Love cannot be forced or coerced, love has to be genuinely received and embraced. The bottom line is that God through Jesus Christ is looking to be in relationship with each of us, for ever and ever, till death us do part, and the power in that relationship lies with you.

Will you say ‘I do’ to his love?

Rev Geoff Boland

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