Praying for a break-thru

Dear Friends

How many times have you prayed about a specific situation, prayed for a person, a break-through, a dynamic Holy Spirit conversion?

How many times have you done that? And how many times have you experienced the Lord answering your prayers in the way you hoped he would?

That is a rhetorical question because I am asking it with no one else around. I do hope though that many of you can say positively that this has been your experience. On the other hand, the mystery of prayer means that many of you didn’t, and many of you are still waiting.

I recently asked Darren Baker one of our church family, who has a great creative gift with visuals and pictures if he would create two videos using as source material two songs that I had written in 1989. The two songs are not the best recordings in the world but they mean a lot to me because they are a record of answered prayer.

Back in 1989 I was training for ministry in London, and part of my training was to be part of a team working in mission in and around Stilton near Peterborough. The Mission theme was ‘Choose Life’ taken from Deuteronomy 30: 15-20. I wrote a song based on those verses and we all prayed that the people we met would indeed choose the life Jesus was offering.

The mission was a great success, people did come to faith, and one man in particular offered to arrange and pay for the recording of the Choose Life song, because he himself had become a Christian.

In between the mission and the recording, I wrote another song called ‘Love broke Thru’. We recorded both songs, the second in super quick time.

Darren has done an amazing job creating the two videos and we are making them available to view online asap.

For those still awaiting positive answers to their prayers for their loved ones I hope my recollections and the songs and videos encourage you to keep on praying for break-thru.

Grace and peace

Geoff Boland


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