What in the world has been going on?????

A few weeks ago this caption appeared in my Facebook feed. “I will definitely stay up on New Years Eve this year. Not to see the new years in, just to make sure this one leaves”

What a year it has been, and not in a good way. When will things return back to ‘normal’ people say. But what is NORMAL? Is the usual reply.

The evidence is everywhere that something is wrong in our nation, and in the world. And it’s more apparent and significant than meets the eye. Paul Tripp a Christian speaker from the USA got me thinking even more than I have been when I read something that he wrote today. – The scream of the toddler who has had a toy wrenched from his hands by his older brother is more than a cry of protest. – The hurt inside the teenager who has been mocked by a peer is more than adolescent angst. – The sad silence around the casket of a loved one is more than the grief of the bereaved.

These ordinary examples are groans and yearnings for something. Maybe something the new Testament calls “a new heaven and a new earth” (2 Peter 3:13; also read Romans 8:18–27).

No matter who you are, how much money you have, where you live, or how old you are, you crave a better if not a perfect world. From what I have been reading and listening to it does seem though that this pandemic is challenging many of us than previously did to consider and evaluate life. It’s an uphill battle in a consumer driven technologically driven world though because even though the evidence is all around, so many of us suffer from ‘eternity amnesia’. Sure, if you poll average citizens as to whether they believe in an afterlife, most respondents will tell you that they do. But the problem is that eternity doesn’t mean much to us, at least functionally. It’s not a driving formative force in the way we live our everyday lives. And I think I would argue that it needs to be

So today, just for a moment, I invite you to step off the treadmill of your busy and possibly hurting life, and consider what your life looks like when viewed through the lens of ‘Forever’. Eternity is not a mystical creation of overly spiritual people. Forever is a reality. Christians believe it is the product of God’s plan and design. And once you believe in Forever and live with Forever in view, not only will you understand things you have never understood before, but you will live in a radically different way than you did before. 

In the Autumn we are hoping to offer a new Alpha Course which asks these Questions of Life concerning faith, hope and eternity, and offers quite a few answers. The extraordinary can in a good way become the new normal for you and many others. Why not give it a try.

E.mail our church office at St.Barnabas if you are at all interested and we will get back to you. stbarnabas@canfordparish.org

Rev Geoff Boland

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