About St Barnabas

About The Church​

We are medium sized local community church with over 130+ adults and young people on a Housing estate called Bearwood, an area that lies between Bournemouth and Poole.

The Church was a plant from Canford Magna church and the Lantern Church in Merley, they are both just a mile down the road from Bearwood. The Church was opened in 1982 which means that in 2017 we celebrated our 35th Anniversary.

After 23 years of being called Bearwood Church only, the leadership felt it right to give the church a name and so in January 2005 the Bishop of Sherborne Tim Thornton dedicated the Church and named it St.Barnabas.

If we had to describe the church we would place ourselves in the New Wine stable. We are Evangelical and Charismatic, we believe in the authority of the Bible, but just because God has written a book does not mean that he has stopped speaking and moving powerfully in his church. We believe that the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ as Paul outlines them in his letters are available today, and we are trying to learn how to walk in them and minister them to each other and the community that we are trying to serve.

Vision Statement​

Jesus is calling us to build a church that is rooted in the Bible. Where people encounter the transforming power of God; in the worship, in the teaching, and in the values and lifestyles of its members.

Our Mission Statement​

To make disciples of Jesus  who make a difference for Jesus, in a world that needs Jesus.

What kind of Church is St.Barnabas?

Every church has values and priorities which define who they are as a church. The following list are the primary values and priorities that we are seeking to uphold, develop and grow in St. Barnabas Church.

We are the first to admit that we haven’t got everything together, and that we haven’t yet attained to the level of maturity that God is seeking in his Church. We are still running the race, walking in the footsteps of Jesus and trying to be like him. We believe that the preaching and teaching ministry is vital in the process of ‘growing up.’ It is a priority in the life of the church but it is not the only way to spiritual maturity. We grow up as we learn, take risks, fail and falter. We grow up as we take our place in the body of Christ and encourage, help, coax and cajole, and work together in all things.

We believe that every Christian should be involved in Christian service in the ‘church’ and in the ‘world’. We all have something to offer and we all have something to give. We believe that there is joy in serving and there is blessing in serving, and our hope and desire is to help every member to discover their gifts and talents for ministry. Training and equipping every leader for the tasks that God calls them to. The Apostle Paul referred to the church as a Body made up of many parts, and like a human body we are all dependent on those parts doing what they were made to do

Here at St. Barnabas we want to be witnesses to our community concerning all that God has done for us in Jesus. We believe that although everyone is not called to be an evangelist we are all called to be witnesses to the grace, love and mercy of God. Our desire is to enable every member to their Christian faith naturally. Our vision is to see our church growing with new people being converted to Christ and built up in their faith.

We believe that God still heals today as he has always done. He is able to bring healing and wholeness to our bodies, minds and spirits, and he does it we believe as we love, care and pray for one another in the name of Jesus. Because of this understanding we seek to give the opportunity for personal prayer with the laying on of hands at the end of most services. We have a ministry team that have been trained in prayer ministry and are still training as they pray humbly in faith for those who seek wholeness in Jesus’ name.

We are seeking to be a church that is connected to the community. We have no desire to be a ‘Holy Huddle’. We organise Youth Work in the community centre next door, Parent & Toddler groups, A monthly Lunch club called The Well, Childrens Holiday clubs, and we encourage church members to be involved in community activities that will improve and enhance life on Bearwood. We are seeking God for courage, boldness and compassion to motivate us to do more.

Prayer Ministry – Our Prayer Ministry teams are available to pray with you at our 10.30am services.

Pastoral Care  If you or someone else you know would like a pastoral visit or home communion please contact the office – 01202 579 562.