We are starting a new group!!

Over this past year, a lot of folks have felt lonely and isolated, away from family and friends and without the support networks that are usually in place. None more so than new parents, who have young families or babies born during the lockdown and have had to cope without parents, grandparents and friends to support them.

A few years ago, our parent and toddler group closed, and last year, all groups closed.

Now, the government is lifting restrictions and we can open a group for parents/carers and toddlers under five for up to 15 parents. So, next week (Thursday 6th May 20201) we are going to start a group on Thursday mornings, for just an hour at the moment as we are not allowed to serve refreshments yet.

How can I get involved I hear you cry?!!!! Three ways:

  • Prayer – please pray that parents, grandparents, carers will feel loved and welcomed as they enter through our doors.
  • Volunteer – if you would like to join the small group of helpers on Thursday mornings, you would be very welcomed. (Volunteers do not count in the 15 permitted parents)
  • Help – if you could help get the equipment out on Wednesday evenings around 5.30 pm or help pack away after the group, that would be most welcomed.

Finally, please tell your neighbours and friends about us. We have already had a response just from the advert in the church window, which is wonderful and shows how desperate parents are to meet together, albeit socially distanced!

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