At St Barnabas we believe in the power of prayer and see it radically changing lives. We have a highly trained team who would love to pray for you and with you in any situation.

    Please complete this form to submit a request for prayer.

    We will not gossip about you as your request is confidential. Your request is sent to the team leader and they are the only ones who see your contact details, unless you have asked for someone to contact you - you will then be contacted as soon as possible. The team leader will forward your request, excluding your contact details to the person praying for you. After 30 days all of your details will be deleted.

    If we have your contact details, we do have a duty of care and, if you share with us that you may harm yourself or others; or are breaking the Law in any way, we will have to inform the relevant authorities.

    Please tick this box if you are happy for a member of the St Barnabas Church Prayer Team contact you to discuss further?