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What is the Gospel? is a preaching series that is going to take an in depth look at what Christians consider constitutes the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Every year the Gospel testimony is challenged, trivialised and undermined not only by the new atheists but by liberal theology.

For a long time, people have talked about ‘the irreducible minimum Gospel’, in other words what can you take away from the gospel message for it still to remain “Good News”.

When the famous church leader and writer John Stott heard about this, he dismissed it and said “Who wants an irreducible minimum Gospel? “I want the full, biblical Gospel”. Amen to that.

Now for all my life I have attended, and worked at, and led churches that would rightly fall into the Evangelical stable, but for some time I have become increasingly concerned how the emphasis in a number of the streams that would connect with the title ‘evangelical’ has failed to focus on the full biblical Gospel. Getting people saved/born again is of course a vitally important task and always has been, but Jesus is looking for disciples who will share his life now on earth, not just in the future in heaven.

So this series “What is the Gospel?” is inspired by a desire to look at and to question where we might be going wrong in the church today. And to realise that the Gospel is Treasure, it’s the pearl of great price, and is worth everything we have to embrace it.

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  • Sunday April 26th 2020 – What is the gospel? Mark 1:1-15.
  • Sunday May 3rd 2020 – The Gospel is a call to apprenticeship. Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 2:13-14.
  • Sunday May 10th 2020 – The Gospel is freedom.
  • Sunday May 17th 2020 – The Gospel is foundational.
  • Sunday May 24th 2020 – The Gospel is salt, light and leaven.
  • Sunday May 31st 2020 (Pentecost) – The Gospel is God’s presence and power.
  • Sunday June 7th 2020 – The Gospel is forgiveness.
  • Sunday June 14th 2020 – The Gospel is life in all it’s fullness.
  • Sunday June 21st 2020 – The Gospel is conflicting.
  • Sunday June 28th 2020 – The Gospel is the now and the not yet.
  • Sunday July 5th 2020 – The Gospel is a choice.
  • Sunday July 12th 2020 – The Gospel is living in and with grace.
  • Sunday July 19th 2020 – The Gospel is fruitful.
  • Sunday July 25th 2020 – The Gospel is costly.

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