I was reflecting a few weeks ago about the number of sermons which I have preached along with David and Cecil in our 22 years leading St.Barnabas. I needed to consider also that when Teresa and I first came here in 1999 we held regular Evening Services for around 6 or so years. So this is not completely accurate but it is in the region of 1500. All of those sermons were part of sermon series that over the years have covered a substantial part of the Bible. 

I realised though that at the end of our latest series Jesus IS! which was preached by Cecil on the 25th April  that I only had one more series to plan.

Although Covid has done its best to spoil our last year ministering here at St.Barnabas I was determined to finish with a bang not a whimper, and I really believe that this series of sermons “What’s in a Name” is going to be a great challenge and a good reminder of what I and all the other preachers at ST.Bs have tried to convey through blood, sweat and tears over all these years.

We are taking the name BARNABAS and using it as an Acrostic so each letter of the word is the beginning of a word that has special significance to the name.

Take a look and it is pretty self explanatory.

If a potential new church leader asked you to explain what kind of Church St.Barnabas is some of you would probably struggle, others wouldn’t. I hope that by the end of June you will all have the knowledge and be of the same mind, and that these values will be the foundation that this church continues to be supported and upheld by.

Every blessing


Service Details (Dates and names)

  • Sunday 2nd May 2021 10:30 am – B Bread for the table. (feeding on God’s word).
  • Sunday 9th May 2021 10:30 am – A Adoration and intimacy (in Worship).
  • Sunday 16th May 2021 10:30 am – R Renewing and restoring lives.
  • Sunday 23th May 2021 10:30 am – Pentecost Sunday.
  • Sunday 30th May 2021 10:30 am – N (Living as) New creations.
  • Sunday 6th June 2021 10:30 am – All Age Family and Community.
  • Sunday 13th June 2021 10:30 am – Boldness and bravery.
  • Sunday 20th June 2021 10:30 am – Action. Activating Acts of the Apostles.
  • Sunday 27th June 2021 10:30 am – S   Service and Servanthood.
  • Sunday 4th July 2021 10:30 am – Geoff and Teresa’s Final Service.

We look forward to welcoming you. (P.S. did you spot the name?)

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