Jeremiah was an Old Testament voice living at the time of the Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon in 597 BC, but he still speaks to our day. Socially isolated and living in a time of chaos and helpless- ness and hopelessness ( does that sound familiar) he was a prophet whose Father was a Levitical priest . He was not popular and it seemed everyone wanted him dead–the political leaders, his neighbours, and even his family. Like John the Baptist he was a voice crying in a spiritual wilderness.

At twenty-three years old Jeremiah was told to speak truth to power and not to worry what the consequences may be.

God told him that people love to praise the Lord but refuse to do what He says. But in spite of the judgments cascading upon the heads of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Lord promised a new covenant with Israel and Judah that would revolutionize their walk with Him.

I believe that studying Jeremiah in the era of Covid 19 is power- fully significant. WHY? ……BECAUSE

The warnings from God in Jeremiah’s day are for our genera- tion as well.

Even when you feel betrayed by everyone, there is still hope.

God keeps His covenant and will never leave you or forsake

In a time of shattered dream’s the buying of land by Jeremiah
pointed to a hopeful future.

The majority of the people of God were taken into exile, away from their spiritual home. In this time of Covid for all kinds of reasons we too have been isolated from our spiritual homes, our churches. This book is a clarion call to all believers, an enemy has attacked the heart of our communities and is also isolating us from each other

This preaching series will hopefully encourage us to not only persevere in our faith despite cultural shifts and pressures, but to take hold of God’s Kingdom values and invest them in the future.

In his Grip


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