Hello Everyone

It is wonderful to finally be with you, and I’m excited about what God has for us as individuals and as a community.
As we embark on this new stage of our pilgrimage, change brings both excitement as well as apprehension, and so the heart behind our initial teaching series, ‘Journeying Afresh’, is to give us the tools to navigate this new season together well.

Who is it that is really leading us?

How might we as a community have a ‘Caleb’ spirit, ready to embrace the new adventure rather than be hesitant or reluctant?
How do we trust God in the unknown?

How do we explore the terrain (our context and circumstances) to discern what God is asking of us?

Then over the summer we will teach into ‘Jesus – Lord of All’, asking whether this is a glib Christian statement or a reality?
Do we believe Jesus is interested in the detail of our everyday lives and will we welcome Him into all areas of it?

My prayer is that this teaching will help us explore the land ahead with
confidence, love, hope and joy.

Every blessing in Christ Peter

Our new teaching program consists of the following service dates and titles. You can find out more on our What’s on pages.

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