Our upcoming teaching program for May-July 2019 focuses on 2 topics:

  • What on earth am I here for?
  • When the Spirit comes there will be ………?

This all starts on May 5th. Here are some words from Geoff about this upcoming program

Dear Friends,

What on earth am I here for?

We live in a country and a world were a growing majority of people have no raison d’etre for life on this planet. If you think I am trying to show off with fancy French it means ‘the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence’. Think about it, if our children are being taught that life emerged through creatures crawling out of a primordial swamp, that evolution answers all our questions about life, is it any wonder that the self harming and suicide rate is growing daily. If we are being forced in many ways to believe that the only explanation for life lies with the scientists and not the theologians, then Houston we have a problem.

It may be out of fashion today but the Bible gives us an amazingly different perspective on life. It says that life began on earth not by chance, not by an enormous number of impossible things suddenly coming together over billions of years. It says that human beings were made lovingly and creatively by a divine being who had plans and purposes for them. What on earth am I here for? That is the question. We are going to spend just five weeks providing some answers. Join us for the ride.

When the Spirit comes there will be ………?

On the day that we celebrate Pentecost together we will then begin a new series looking at all the amazing things that the Holy Spirit brings with his presence and his power. The disciple’s lives were transformed when they were filled with Holy Spirit. Theologically, this is why it is SO important for us as Christians to receive and understand what it means to receive the Holy Spirit and be empowered and released in a ’Spirit-filled life’, if we are to continue what Jesus has started – which is what we are called to do as his church!

You can download the latest program here:

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