A Word From Geoff – August 2018

Dear Friends

Welcome back everyone! Summer holidays are always a strange time in the life of the
church as people are coming and going, hither and thither. (I always wanted to use those
two words in a letter, and now I have managed it!) It has been great to have been able to
offer activities for the children throughout August, so thank-you for everyone who helped.

One of the biggest thrills for me in my Christian life has been those times when I have
shared the gospel with individuals and they have responded by accepting their need for
Jesus to be their Saviour. One of the biggest disappointments has been when I have seen
people who have followed Jesus with me drift away until they deny that they ever knew
him. The last sermon in our summer series of ‘Questions Jesus asked’ addresses this issue
as Jesus himself personally experienced this in John 6.

This sermon is actually an important precursor to our new Autumn preaching series called:
‘Eight ways to become and stay a disciple of Jesus’.

Pauls letter to the Philippian Christians is an encouraging letter. It isn’t written to correct
behaviour or doctrine (like many of Paul’s letters), but simply to express friendship, thank
the church in Philippi for a gift, and talk about how Jesus shapes the ordinary Christian life.
This makes it a happy letter, and a very practical one. It is a short letter but also includes a
wide range of experiences – success and failure, hardship and victory, past and future,
abundance and poverty – and considers how to find joy in Jesus in each of them.

I want everyone in St.Barnabas to keep running the race, to keep pressing on, and to go
deeper into his love, his grace and his mercy. Let’s do that together.

Every blessing in Jesus

Geoff Boland