A Word from Geoff – October 2018

Dear Friends

Did you read about the Actor Mark Walberg’s daily routine, here’s a chunk of it.
2.30 am wake up, 2,45 prayer time, 3.15 am breakfast, 3.40-5.15 workout, 5.30am
post- workout meal, 6.00 am shower. 7.30 golf, 8 am snack, 9.30am cyro chamber
recovery, 10.30 am snack.

Does that workout sound familiar? No of course it doesn’t! No ordinary person you would
say inflicts that kind of programme on themselves.

It requires incredible determination and discipline to follow that kind of daily programme,
and most of us, I am confident in saying struggle to take our New Year resolutions into the
second week.

Discipline is for many people a negative word because they prefer freedom of expression,
go with your feelings, do not act like a robot. But in reality the truth is we all need to
practice discipline, especially as Christians. As the theme of our present sermon series is
‘8 Ways to be and stay a disciple of Jesus’ we could probably learn a lesson from Mark.
It’s interesting to note that in his routine there is a spot for prayer, albeit at 2.45 in the

Paul said to Timothy ‘Train yourself in godliness. Exercise for the body is not useless, but
godliness, is useful in every respect, possessing, as it does, the promise of Life now and of
the Life which is soon coming.’ 1 Timothy 4:8.

Living the Christian life cannot be a life lived on emotion alone. It does require
commitment, it requires fortitude, it requires determination. And as Paul reminds in his
letter to the Philippians to have ‘the mind of Christ’.

In his grip