A Word From Geoff – February 2019

2nd February 2019 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Dear Friends When we say ‘I believe in God’ do we really grasp what we are saying. What God do you believe in? One Christian professor I read about had a student who said to him one day ‘I don’t believe in God’. The professor responded by saying ‘Tell me which God you don’t believe in, because I may not believe in that God either. And then let me tell you about the God that I do believe in.

All kinds of things have been said and done in the name of God, he’s a good alibi. But not everything that has been said and done is true to what the Judeo / Christian God has revealed to us of his character, person hood and activity. What we believe about God is obviously going to be reflected in how we live out our lives, for good or ill. The god of the white South Africans under apartheid, the god of the Spanish Inquisition, the god of the slave owners in the United States, is a god that I do not recognise. And that’s because I have never encountered that god in my bible. As we journey with the Hebrews through Exodus we are like them learning so many things about the God of the Scriptures, and the God of history. He draws us out of the bondage, the lies, the slavery that is inflicted upon us by these falsehoods, so that he can draw us in to His truth, His light, His love and His limitless grace. “Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other.”

That’s the one I am talking about!

In his grip Geoff