A Word From Geoff – March 2019

Dear Friends
A singer /songwriter that I really admire is Martyn Joseph, his songs are intelligent, cutting and powerful. One of them is called ‘Celebrity’ and here are a few lines from the song.
I’m a celebrity, tousled and vivacious.
I’m a celebrity, publicity voracious
I’m a celebrity, a mediocre icon
I’m adorable, especially when the mic’s on.

It’s a song that picks up on our obsession with the comings and goings of the celebrity culture. Everybody these days it seems wants to be famous, and everybody wants it to happen as quickly as possible.

Lent is only a few days away from starting and I am always reminded during it of the way

Jesus deals with the temptation to fast track life. In the wilderness Satan was in effect dangling before Jesus a speeded – up way of accomplishing his mission. He could win over crowds by creating food on demand, and then take control of the Kingdoms of the world, all the while protecting himself from danger with angels swooping down whenever any problems occurred. The temptation was to wear a crown but not a cross. The temptations Jesus resisted though, many of us still long for, and fall for.

Let’s again take the time to walk with Jesus thru these 40 days. To literally journey with him, resisting Satan, just as he did, and coming out of the desert in the ‘power of the Spirit’ Luke 4 verse 14


Lord Jesus Christ, desert dweller, help us during this time of Lent to accompany you. If we have grown soft, expose us to the toughness of your way. If we have grown lazy, cushioning our minds with easy thin thoughts, expose us to the rigour of your truth.