A Word from Geoff – November 2019

1st November 2019 St Barnabas 0 Comments

Dear Friends

In my sermon at the end of October I said that those people who say the Bible is boring have quite clearly never read it, because if you actually read it, and entered into its stories, the accounts, and the depth and background and context, the one thing you will not be is bored!

The other point on that subject that I want to highlight too is the honesty and the transparency of these historical characters. They are people full of faith, and full of flaws, and this paradoxical approach is best encapsulated in the Hymnody of the Jewish psalter. In other words in the Book of Psalms.

This month we are beginning a short sermon series on the Psalms, there are 150 psalms so this is just a taster. We are going to do this though by linking four Psalms with our four seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our songs and prayers are often inspired by the Psalmist, we use the same phrases and imagery to describe the goodness and greatness of God even as we struggle to find the right words to do that with. The psalms convey emotions of all kinds, including sadness, despair and frustration, and we can even find expressions of anger that are too raw to be read out in church without explanation i.e. Ps 139. Amidst wonderful poetry expressing the intimacy we can know with our creator is also a voice of anger calling upon God to wipe out his enemies.

It’s probably a sentiment best subtly ignored by our worship songwriters today, or is it? 

As we look together at the breathtaking honesty of these psalms let’s take a leaf out of their book, literally, be vulnerable, and learn to do the same.

In his grip