Mission Work

St Barnabas Mission Giving

Mission to Romania

This has been a mission supported by the whole Canford team for many years. We are linked in with a Dutch Christian organisation called Phoneo who have a base in Romania.    Most of the work involved a building projects.

Barnabas Fund

This mission exists to direct aid exclusively to Christians around the world. They are seeking to meet both practical and spiritual needs, and have a strong and fruitful mission to Christians persecuted for their faith.

The Message Trust

This is a fantastic uk based Christian Mission birthed in Manchester over 20 years ago. The world Wide Message Tribe were the face of this trust in the early years, but it has now evolved into an amazing ministry working with young people in England, Scotland and Wales. It has developed a prison ministry, works in schools and has a number of Eden buses that visit deprived communities. Fully equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment.  The Message Academy has also been set up to teach and train young people about urban evangelism.

Palm Tree

Dick Bell is working on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua helping farmers to grow fresh produce. They are hosting a big Gospel Crusade in 2017 with Alf Cooper.

Hope FM

Christian radio station serving the local community

Lizzie Dorey

For her one year training placement at St Helen’s Bishopgate Church in London.

Mission India

St Barnabas gives to Mission India to help a church plant by financially. This helps the church leader receive training on Evangelism, Discipleship and  Leadership to help others receive the Gospel and perhaps plant a church themselves.

Whole Parish Mission - Supported by St Barnabas, The Lantern & Canford Magna Parish Church.

Bible Society

The Bible Society’s basic mission is to get God’s Word in as many peoples hands as is possible in their own language.  They work around the world.

Poole Missional Communities

This is a Fresh Expression Project trying to do church differently


Supporting evangelical ministries in Britain and creating new resources to share the Gospel.

Salisbury Sudan Link

Salisbury Sudan: This supports Christian Ministry in Anglican churches in the Sudan.

Sudan - Salt and Soap: This is literally salt and soap for Christians in South Sudan

Theological: A Wimborne Deanery initiative to support training of church leaders.


Christian Mission to the Jews; encouraging Jewish people to embrace Jesus as their Messiah.


A Christian based homecare organisation working mainly with the elderly.