Katie Hardiman – Mission to South Africa

Katie Hardiman has been a member of St Barnabas since 2012, her story and testimony about what an impact Jesus has had on her life is one to listen too and one that Katie is happy to share with all. In the past year Katie was called out by God to start (and now complete) a course called NETS at Ellel Ministries (based on Luke 9:11 “but the crowds learned about it and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing”)

Katie spoke about her recent mission to South Africa in church this Sunday (Easter Sunday) but would like to share more:

Anyway here is Katie in her own words

From Katie Hardiman: 
Ellel – Stage 4 NETS mission to South Africa Feb – March 2018

It was so lovely to be back in my home Church today to see everyone and get to share a little about what God has been doing in and through my life.
So much has happened in the last year and as I cant share it all, I have included a 5 min video specifically of the SA mission trip and some more testimony below. I hope you enjoy it.


During the prison visit in Johannesburg the main thing that excited me was the hunger of these men to know the truth of God’s word. In some of their living quarters they had organised 24/7 prayer. When we met them in person it was evident that most of them had found Jesus whilst in prison. The Pastor has been there 10 years and his faithful work there was wonderful to see. They were also very grateful that we had gone to visit them. One man said “It made them feel human again”.
We were there for 2 days and we taught on some key topics like “Foundations” (of our faith eg the fall and salvation), “Forgiveness” and “The Father heart of God”. Two more people came to the Lord after listening to the foundations teaching. Watching the faces of these men bought tears to me as they wanted to get their hearts right with God but also desperately needed inner healing themselves from past wounds.
When asked if there was anyone who had never been hugged or received the love of a “Father” and would like a hug to come to the front, it was so humbling and emotional to watch these men get up one by one.
We also went to the rehabilitation house where Christian/believers can go to when they have been released from prison, if they do not have stable roots elsewhere to go back to. Here they are taught practical things to help them in life and trained to be pastors if that’s their desire. We sat and ate with them and prayed for them, I was so encouraged to hear their hearts and how God has transformed them. They are so on fire for God and have such desires to help others.
Also on the mission we split up and went in teams to a total of about 10 church visits. Most in very very poor areas. The welcome was amazing. Such lovely people with very open hearts and ears to God.
At the end of our mission we had a wonderful 3 days break in Kruger National Park where we saw a lot of amazing animals.

This last year God has bought a lot of inner healing into my life whilst at Ellel and I’m so happy he has also been using me to bring his love and healing to others. 😊
I’m very excited to see what his future plans are and as always look forward to my next visit at St B’s

Love and blessings