Living Generously

‘The local church is the hope of the world’ – so said Mega church leader Bill Hybels & over the years that’s what St.Barnabas has sought to be, and ‘seeks’ to be. Yes Jesus is of course our hope and not a fallible institution like the church, but Jesus gave the Great Commission to ‘us’.

Here are other reasons to invest in the work here at St.Barnabas. 

  • We are built on Biblical principles.
  • We have a good, accountable and consistent leadership.
  • We have a proven record of financial integrity and management.
  • We are committed to encouraging the next generation.
  • We are continuing to seek God for what HE  wants to do.


We as a church need funds to do what we do, and your gifts enable us to help spread the gospel of Jesus to the community of Bearwood. Please think and pray about your response to this information, if you are giving on a regular basis Thank-You.

If you are not but want to then please download our standing order leaflet on Giving here and pledge what ever it is you feel you can afford.

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